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Contact Us

Embassy can be contacted at:

Buitenrustweg 2
2517 KD The Hague
The Netherlands

Tel: 070-3469771 (Mondays - Fridays 9 am - 5:30 pm)

Extn: 208/211/213 (Consular Section)



Emergency Contact number  


Indian nationals in distress, have lost their passports, lost an immediate family member or suffering from serious illness can contact the Embassy on the emergency contact number 0643743800 for any help or assistance after office hours.

( Note: Please do not call the emergency number for routine consular queries )


Please contact for:

Passport Services
(Passport issue/Re-issue, Passport Issue Newborn, Surrender /Renunciation of Indian Passport).
OCI Services 

(OCI Registration, OCI Miscellaneous (transfer/re-issue), OCI in lieu of PIO card).
Consular Services 
(Attestation of Documents, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), NRI Certificate, Affidavit for Changes Pertaining to Passport Renewal, NOC for Minor, Authentication of Indian Driving Licence, Surrender /Renunciation of Indian Passport)

VFS Helpline: 0031 207 956 552

Email Id:

Working Hours

Business Hours:

The Embassy is open from 0900 – 1730 hours  from Monday to Friday (except on holidays) and is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Consular Services :

Applications for Consular Services should be submitted to Outsourced Service Provider of Embassy of India, The Hague, VFS Global. However, applications for following Consular Services should be submitted in person at the Consular Services counter of the Embassy in The Hague:

  1. Emergency Certificates
  2. Short Validity Passports
  3. Endorsement of new passport number on PIO card
  4. Life certificate for pensioners
  5. Death certificate

There is no need to take an appointment for submitting application(s) for Consular Services in the Embassy. Consular Services are rendered on first-come-first-serve basis as per the following schedule:

(i)    Acceptance of documents        :  0930 to 1130 hrs.
(ii)    Delivery of documents             : 1500 to 1700 hrs.