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Expression of interest for office space in The Hague for the Cultural Wing of Embassy of India, The Hague

Posted on: February 10, 2021 | Back | Print

Embassy of India
The Hague
Dated: 09/02/2021
     Expression of interest

is invited for office space in The Hague with an area of 400-500 sq mtrs for the Cultural Wing of Embassy of India on monthly rental basis w.e.f. September 01, 2021. The indicative specifications are as under: 


  1. Areas of shall be approx. 400-500 sq mtrs

  2. Location shall preferably be within 5 Km radius of the Centrum in The Hague

  3. Layout of the office space should have or be adaptable to the following requirements:

            (i)         a representative entrance hall & reception area (including seating for receptionist)

            (ii)        at least two office rooms/partition

            (iii)       class room for Hindi/other lessons

            (iv)       room/suitable space for a small library

           (v)        a hall preferably at the ground floor suitable for gathering of about 125 persons for holding lectures, seminars, Yoga lessons and cultural programs; hall should be such that holding of cultural /music programme should not cause any issues for the other occupants for the building/ neighborhood

            (vi)       shall have parking space for at least five cars and 20 bicycles

            (vii)      shall have good connectivity by personal vehicle, public transport & bicycles

4. Initial lease agreement shall be for 3-5 years with fixed rent rates

5. Preferred notice for termination of the lease shall be 6 months

6. Diplomatic break clause / Force majeure clause will provide for termination of lease with a notice of one month


Proposals may be sent to Head of Chancery by post at Buitenrustweg 2, 2517 KD, The Hague or by email at hoc.thehague@mea.gov.in on or before March 21, 2021.