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Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Ban from India to the Netherlands

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The Dutch government has announced (April 25th, 2021) ban on passenger flights from India.  The ban came into force w.e.f. 26.4.2021 (1800 hrs).   The ban is due to remain in place until 15.5.2021, but may be ended soon if there are grounds for doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the travel ban may be seen below:


Q 1: Can a person travel to the Netherlands or to Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba? 

Ans: If Dutch Nationals/ Residents (RP card holders) need to return to Netherlands by air or sea to the Netherlands or to Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba because of an emergency, they may contact the Dutch Embassy in Delhi (nde@minbuza.nl). 

Q 2: Have any categories of persons been exempted from the flight ban?

Ans.: The following have been exempted:

(a)  People returning to the Netherlands by aircraft, if they are Dutch nationals or residents of the Netherlands (RP card holders). This also applies to nationals and residents of other EU/Schengen countries, but only if they are transiting to another EU/Schengen country and not if the Netherlands is their final destination. 

(b)  Healthcare workers, people travelling for medical treatment and people carrying out vital work to help combat COVID-19.

(C ) Seafarers who possess a seamans record book if they are travelling in the exercise of their work or travelling to or from their work. The exemption does not apply to seafarers on commercial yachts and pleasure craft.

(d) Staff travelling to and from drilling platforms in Dutch or UK territory.

 (e) People who work in the aviation industry who are travelling in the exercise of their work.

Q 3: Will KLM fly during the period of the ban?

Ans: It is not clear whether KLM will fly or not as the airline has not announced cancellation of flights yet. However, it would be advisable to contact the airline.

Q 4: Can Indian Nationals transit through Schiphol Airport to travel to India?

Ans: Before boarding, the passengers should confirm whether the connecting flights from Schiphol Airport are scheduled or cancelled, as in the event of cancellation, passenger may get stranded in the immigration for indefinite period.

Q 5: Are there alternative routes to travel to India from the Netherlands.?

Ans: Presently from this region only France has not cancelled flights to and fro India. For travelling through France please contact Embassy of India (EoI) in Paris for more information or Air France/Air India. Contact details of EoI Paris are as follows:- (cons.paris@mea.gov.in , 0033-648 34 00 63 )

Q 6:  Will any repatriation flights be organised.?

Ans: Dutch government has announced that no repatriation flights will be organised. Indian Government has not taken any decision to run repatriation flights.

Q 7: Will air freight service continue?

Ans: Air freight transport is exempt from the flight ban.