About Us Urgent/Emergency Visa


Visa applications can be accepted under ‘Urgent/ Emergency’ category if applicants make out a case for service within 24 hours irrespective of any holidays/working hours. Explanatory letter explaining the urgency/ emergency must be attached to the application. Urgency has to be justified and will be examined on case to case basis. Service provider is not expected to accept frivolous or routine applications under ‘Urgent/Emergency’ category where no urgency is established or where applications do not need to be processed out of turn in order to meet the urgency.  


Fee: Apart from the normal visa fee, an additional fee of €43 is charged by the Embassy for urgent/emergency visa service. Service Provider is not authorized to charge enhanced service charges for urgent/emergency visa services.


Caution: Applicants are advised to beware of third party visa bureaus/ travel agents who charge a hefty amount from applicants for the urgent service.


Fees once deposited is non-refundable even if visa is not granted or granted on a later date.


Urgent/Emergency visa service is not recommended for certain types of visit, e.g., for regular tourism, employment, research, missionary visit, mountaineering, journalism, etc.


Who can apply: Urgent/Emergency Visa service is meant for Dutch nationals who are ordinarily residing in the Netherlands.


Mode: Application for Urgent/Emergency Visa service has to be submitted in person at the VFS Global service center in The Hague only.


Time taken: Generally, the Embassy grants urgent/ emergency visa on the same day on which application is received at the Embassy. In case of incomplete documentation/requirement for additional documentation or other checks or a need for personal interview of the applicant, the Embassy reserves the right not to grant the visa on an urgent/emergency basis despite payment of fees for such a visa. 

All general conditions applicable to the type of visa applied for, will apply to urgent cases also.  


Note: For further procedural details, please go to website of service provider www.vfsglobal.com/india/netherlands. In case of any discrepancy between this website and the website of the service provider or any Government of India website, please bring the same to the attention of the Embassy at e-mail: ccons@indianembassy.nl.