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FAQs on the Trade queries

Q - Does Embassy provide a list of importers?
A- Yes, we provide the list of importers/manufacturers for the products requested after the details of the products are received in duly filled in the prescribed company profile format.

Q - What is company profile format?
A - A company profile format is a professional introduction of the business that aims to inform about its products and services, turnover, number of employees, date of inception and other relevant details of the business. It is accessible on the link given below. 
Click here to download

Q - Is company profile form mandatory?
A - Yes, it is mandatory. It helps us to ensure that the requisite details are provided for the genuine purpose.

Q - What is HS code?
A -The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, also known as the Harmonized System (HS) of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products for export and import. The HS is organized logically by economic activity or component material. For example, animals and animal products are found in one section of the HS, while machinery and mechanical appliances are found in another. The HS is organized into 21 sections, which are subdivided into 97 chapters. The 97 HS chapters are further subdivided into approximately 5,000 headings and subheadings.

Q - What is the normal response time for a trade query?
A –Our normal response time is 5-10 working days after the querist submits details in the prescribed company profile format.

Q – How to check for the authenticity of the company?
A – A query can be made by inputting the KVK number of the company/firm on the website of the Chamber of Commerce of The Netherlands. The website is https://www.kvk.nl/. This will only provide the registration details with the Chamber of Commerce.
Embassy cannot vouch for the authenticity of a company. The Embassy of India is not able to comment on whether a company/firm is trustable for commercial transactions. Therefore, we would recommend that you sufficiently protect your financial interests while dealing with any company/ entity. We advise that you should check whether the company/firm is the one that you are thinking of doing business with based on documentation available with you and take all measures to safeguard your interest. 

Q - How can we contact the commercial department of the Embassy?
A - You can email us @ comm.thehague@mea.gov.in and trade.thehague@mea.gov.in.
You can also contact us @ +31-703457747 during official timings. For further information you may access, Economic and Commerce section our website.