About Us Prohibition on Carrying of Satellite Phones Into India by Foreigners

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Fake e-Tourist Visa Websites

It has come to Embassy’s notice that several fake websites are operating on the internet, claiming to provide e-Tourist Visa/Emergency e-Tourist Visa services to applicants desiring to travel to India while charging large amounts. To mislead applicants, some of these websites have created images and home page templates mimicking the Government of India websites for e-Tourist Visa.

Applicants are advised to be cautious while applying for e-Tourist Visa and apply only through the official website www.indianvisaonline.gov.in.

Prohibition on Carrying of Satellite Phones Into India by Foreigners:

Foreigners who are visiting India are advised that as per the existing guidelines of Government of India, carrying of satellite phones by foreigners into India is BANNED.

Foreigners travelling to India are requested to adhere to the above guidelines strictly so as to avoid any inconvenience/legal action during their visit.


With effect from April 28, 2014, visa applicants must have their biometrics (fingerprints and photograph of face) recorded when they submit their applications at the VFS Global or at the Embassy of India, The Hague. Visa applications will not be processed until biometric data is received.

2. All persons coming for recording their biometric data have to come physically for submission of their visa applications, after getting online appointment from the designated service provider, VFS Global.

3.   Biometrics will not be recorded until visa application form has been completed with correct details to the satisfaction of service staff.

4. If the fingerprints taken do not meet the required quality standards, the fingerprints must be taken again after cleaning of fingers and equipment. The fingerprints with the best quality would be collected. If it is not possible to obtain prints of all ten fingers, e.g., due to a missing finger, then the print of maximum number of fingers would be collected.

5. Certain categories of applicants are exempted from the biometrics requirement: (i) Children under the age of 12 and adults above 70 years; (ii) Heads of State or Government and diplomats/officials of a national government on official visit.


1. It has been brought to Embassy’s notice that a fake website www.indiavisa.co.in, which has surfaced in foreign country, was duping Indian visa seekers.

2. It now appears that the same website has started functioning with a new URL, and the URL address is frequently changed. It is most likely that the misleading website will appear again and again with registration in different international jurisdictions.

3. All visa applicants in the jurisdiction of Embassy of India, The Hague, The Netherlands are, therefore, advised to be aware of such fictitious websites which claim to represent Indian online visa system. They can access the online visa application form at the authorised weblink: http://www.indianvisaonline.gov.in .

 4. VFS Global, the authorised agency to accept all visa applications on behalf of Embassy of India, The Hague has also given suitable notice about above fake website.


An unauthorized website (www.india-visas.com) has come to notice, extracting money out of Indian visa applicants by using a name and logo that makes it appear like a Government of India website. The website charges US Dollars 90 for assistance in filling out Indian visa applications. Despite a disclaimer by the website that it is not connected to or affiliated with the Indian Embassy or Indian Government, many applicants end up paying heavy extra charges to this private website. Applicants are advised to apply for visa only through Government of India’s website and/or through the approved service provider, concerning which necessary information is available on the Embassy of India website.