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Visa Fees

  1. Visa fee depends upon the type of visa, duration of visa and urgency of visa. Final fee shall be charged while submitting the application at the respective counters. 

  2. Fee once received are non-refundable even if the visa application is withdrawn, the visa is not granted, or if visa issued is of shorter duration of period than applied for or otherwise issued or returned at a time or on terms and conditions that may vary from those sought by the applicant.

  3. Fee can be paid in cash or by pin at any of the three Indian Visa Application Centres run by the Embassy\'s sole authorized service provider, VFS Global. (for details see website: www.vfsglobal.com/india/netherlands). 

  4. Applicants should ask for written/printed receipt for the fees paid. Total fees to be paid typically includes the fees charged by Government of India, ICWF surcharge, and service charges levied by the authorized service provider. The service provider is authorized to charge Euro 18.51 for each visa application received by them. Service Provider is NOT authorized to charge service fee at an enhanced rate for urgent category of visa applications.

  5. Non-Dutch Passport holders, who have not ordinarily been resident of Netherlands for last two years, are required to fill an additional form. It may take at least 7 working days for issue of visa in such cases. In cases of Business and Employment Visa, such applicants are also required to attend an interview at the Embassy. As proof of ordinarily residing in the Netherlands as mentioned above, applicants are required to provide an Uittreksel (extract) from the respective Gemeente clearly showing period of residence in the country/gemeente.

  6. Dutch nationals who are residing outside The Netherlands for more than two years may also fill an additional form. It may take 7 working days for issue of visa in such cases. If Dutch nationals residing outside The Netherlands do not want to fill the additional form, they must provide proof of domicile in the Netherlands by attaching an Uittreksel from the respective Gemeente.

  7. Diplomatic & Official passport holders who submit appropriate Note Verbale with their visa applications are exempted from payment of visa fee except for certain countries.

  8. Nationals of the following countries will be issued visa free of cost: Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius, South Africa and Uruguay. However, they have to pay the relevant service charges to the authorized service provider and apply through the service provider only.

  9. US nationals are required to pay additional fee of Euro 19 /-.

  10. Pakistan nationals will be charged € 2 for an Indian visa.

  11. For transferring a valid Indian visa from an old passport to a new one, a service fee of € 5 is charged.

  12. For further details please go to service provider’s website www.vfsglobal.com/india/netherlands